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The Most Dangerous Place In America

For those unfamiliar with the flag pictured above, it is the official flag of the State of Texas, currently the most dangerous place in America. The leader of the most dangerous place in America is this man:

Governor Gregg Abbott, the bitter, stupid, and dangerous, wheelchair bound head of the Texas Republicans. He continues to prove to the world that there is no low to Republican policies in Texas.

The latest Texas twist to returning America to the way it was back in the 1700's, is an abortion banning bill that the US Supreme court, so far, has refused to stop. As of midnight last night Texas has effectively overturned Roe v. Wade and made abortions illegal in the United States. It is a convoluted disaster that walks a tightrope of constitutional high wire. I'll let Marie Solis from Jezebel explain.

Senate Bill 8 resembles other states’ so-called “heartbeat bills” in many ways, but there’s one crucial difference. Rather than being enforced by the state, the law is enforced by private citizens, who are encouraged to file lawsuits against people they suspect of obtaining, providing, or otherwise facilitating the procedure after the six-week mark. The law text specifically forbids the state, district, or county from enforcing the law. Most pressingly, this provision makes the law virtually impossible to fight in court ahead of the deadline for the law going into effect.

Typically, groups like the Center for Reproductive Rights, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU file court challenges following an unconstitutional abortion law, and name state officials as the defendants in the court filings. But because the state isn’t responsible for enforcing the legislation, those groups have so far been unable to preemptively block the law—meaning abortion will likely be banned at six weeks in Texas starting on September 1.

You can see how unusual this bill was worded in that anyone in the world can effectively sue any woman who had, or is considering to have, an abortion in Texas. Additionally they can sue anyone connected to her actions, or thought process, on this topic. So, anyone who drove her, talked to her, operated on her, worked in the facility where she had the operation or discussions, can be sued.

With the Supreme Court refusing to injunct this last night, it has gone into effect today in Texas. Think of all the other states where they will now pass the same worded law, and think about all the new laws that will be passed, to meet the wishes of other extremists dreams. This is truly very dangerous.

I don't understand why the right to lifers are so determined to keep women from controlling their own bodies. If you are against abortions, that is your right, forcing your belief on somebody else is not. If you don't agree with it then don't do it but why force everyone else to do what you want?

I'm personally against pickup trucks, guns, for now the Republican Party, and organized religion. How would the pro lifers feel if I managed to have laws passed to ban all of them? They would be outraged of course, screaming about how I have violated their "goddamn rights".

For now, I do the only thing I can do and that is avoid all four, but I am going to seriously consider starting the discussion to ban one or all. I am tired of being told what to do, and what I should believe in. I am an adult, and I am sure that I can make those decisions on my own, unlike the far right, apparently, who needs to be told what to do and how to behave.

Besides this new restrictive abortion ban passed in Texas, other dangerous laws they have passed include a no mask mandate law barring anyone, any city, or any organization to enforce a mask mandate for safety. People are dropping like flies in Texas from the Covid virus but you will go to jail if you dare to make people wear a mask. Take an Ivermectin instead.

Like other red states, Texas has just passed one of the most restrictive voter laws in America. They have now made it harder for people of color, or poor people, to vote, traditionally Democratic voters, thus insuring themselves of continued existence in the Texas legislature to pass more idiotic and dangerous laws. Pat yourselves on the back and get back to the KKK rally planned for this weekend.

As evil and dangerous as the abortion law is, the Texas gun laws are the most dangerous in the world. They have made sure that anyone at any time can walk around with a gun. The Texas state laws on guns include:

No waiting period to buy one.

You do not need to register your gun.

There is no limit to how many rounds of ammunition you can carry at any given time.

You can easily get a open carry license for a handgun and long guns are legal to carry in public.

It is ok to own an assault rifle, machine gun, short barrel gun, and a suppressor.

Welcome to the wild west friends.

The Republican Party in Texas is absolutely insane, and Texas is easily the most dangerous place on earth. This whole group is despicable, vile, and moronic and I would not live in Texas if you gave me a house.

Shame on the Supreme Court for not doing their job and upholding the Constitution.

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