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The Only One Lying To You Is Fox

For at least the past ten years I have been writing about, or telling anyone who will listen, that Fox News never tells the truth. Let me back up. I believe that the actual news division at Fox more or less tries to be as honest as the ownership will let them be and for the most part they are fairly accurate in their story telling. So when I say Fox News I am actually talking about the entertainment portion of the news division, the prime time line-up of clowns.

Let's start with the top three liars, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham, pictured above from left to right. They look directly into the camera and tell you, the viewer, that they are the only one's who are being straight up with you. That you cannot believe anything the mainstream media says, or writes, because they are a puppet of the elite, liberal, pizza parlor owning, child molesting far left crazy Democrats. Look it up if you don't believe me. They say this constantly and you know they do because the idiots in Congress on the GOP side of the aisle parrot it everyday themselves.

Of course the three main prime time liars are not alone. You can add the fired Lou Dobbs, (upper left), Jeannie Pirro, (upper right), Fox Morning Team, (lower left), and whatever version each night of The Five, (lower right). All of these dopes are full time liars themselves and when they aren't lying they are allowing guests on their shows that will lie and never get corrected.

Now, it would take me several more galleries of Fox talking heads to include everyone there that lies but you get my point. The entire network is filled with people who are willing to lie to you and still sleep at night. And not only lie to you, but accuse their rivals of actually being the liars instead.

Well guess what? This company, Dominion Voting, has broken open the seal of lies, deceit, and a false information corporate culture at Fox News and we only know some of what they have uncovered. In a highly redacted court filing released the other day they laid out who, how, and why, Fox News has been lying to their viewers for years. If you are a frequent viewer of Fox, and like many people I know, believe they are the only ones telling you the real story then you are going to be stunned at what is being shared.

To be clear. This is not some accusation being thrown around by someone with an agenda against Fox. These are actual quotes from Fox News people who were deposed and told these stories under oath. They knew that Trumps nonsense about the election being stolen was BS, yet they continued to roll it out to their viewers for years because they were losing viewers to other crazier far right TV stations like Newsmax, and others.

An actual news reporter went on Fox and did a story about how there was nothing found anywhere to back up Trumps claims about election votes being stolen or changed. Immediately after she told this on the air, Tucker Carlson sent a text to the president of the news division telling her to stop putting these stories on the air, it was killing their numbers and the company stock was crashing. He also sent a text to Hannity and Ingraham and asked for their help in getting the reporter fired and to put pressure on the news president to stop with these stories.

He isn't the only one to be a part of this deception. All of the talking heads continued to allow their audience to believe that Trump was robbed when they knew that wasn't true. People still believe that Trump was robbed when in fact he lost fair and square. Their biggest problem was that they continued to propagate the false claim that Dominion was to blame. The said their machines were being controlled by entities around the globe that were changing votes.

They also allowed one of Trumps lawyers to come on the air and claim as fact that she knew the election was stolen because a woman told her she saw a headless person in the woods who told her the votes were stolen. Seriously. It is all over the internet and mainstream news and easy to find. Again, this was told under oath.

What this lawsuit should do is once and for all shut down Fox News and finally end the cycle of the far right media lying through their teeth to keep their base of viewers watching them. Unfortunately it won't. The people who are watching Fox News already have drunk too much of the Kool-Aid to be helped and brought back to earth one. They still believe that Trump is telling them the truth and his lies have been disproven 40,000 times at least already.

This lawsuit, in most of our country's history, would be enough to not only put the media out of business but it would spell the end of the GOP along with them. Instead the far right will rally these lemmings who follow them into a lather and denounce the facts once again so that they can retain loyal viewers who apparently love having people lie to them, all day, every day. If you are one of them, shame on you. And you can tell if you are by asking yourself one question. Do I watch Fox News?

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