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This Is Not Your Fathers GOP Anymore

At the risk of sounding like a broken record I find it necessary to let you know what these clowns are planning to do if they win back control of the House and Senate in November. I keep telling you how dangerous this new Trumplican Party is and today I'm going to share with you what they have planned if they are in charge.

This is not the GOP you and I grew up with, not even close. If my father was still alive today even he, a determined Republican, would find it hard to vote for this mess of a party. They are evil, desperate to hold onto power, and about thirty other things that I'm not going to get into today.

Everything I'm sharing with you is from their own mouths. This is not something I've made up, or found searching the dark web. These all came out, from them, this past week.

First to announce plans was this piece of work from the great state of Ohio, Gym Jordan. (Pictured above showing how much common sense he possess) Jim sent out a release listing around thirty people he plans on impeaching, from Joe Biden to Merrick Garland to many others that he finds offensive.

His plan, apparently, is to do nothing for at least two years but drag people in front of his committee to berate them, embarrass them, and put on a show to get even for the Democrats impeaching Trump for his actual misdeeds.

Jim, who never met a suit coat he likes, thinks this is the best use of our time and money while the Trumplicans are in charge. It is unclear what actual things these people all did wrong other than he doesn't like them. This is the same guy who turned a deaf ear towards sexual abuse going on in front of him while at Ohio State in the wrestling program.

Not to be outdone, the stupidest man in Washington, Kevin McCarthy of California, announced that his first order of business, if the Trumplicans take control, is going to be introducing a bill to eliminate increases for, or the continuation of, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Seriously.

He and his band of dumbshits think that the country is clamoring for these security blankets for seniors to be cut back to nothing, or even better, eliminated, so that his rich friends no longer have to support them from their business profits.

His plan is to do this even if the GOP doesn't take control by forcing the Democrats to choose between keeping the government running or cutting back the support for these programs. If it wasn't so evil and frightening you would think it was a joke. He has also started talking about, once again, eliminating the hugely popular Affordable Care Act, particularly the part of insurers having to cover pre-existing conditions.

I will never understand why the Trumplicans are so intent on hurting people, especially seniors. It is fanatical how much they hate people. If you think this is despicable wait until you hear their latest plan.

These four jackasses have decided that right now is the perfect time to let everyone know that they mean business when they talk about hurting people. Senators Mike Lee (UT), upper left, James Lankford (OK) upper right, Cynthia Lummis (WY) lower left, and Marco Rubio (FL) lower right in an unforgettable reminder of his great rebuttal speech to Obama's State of the Union address, have announced last Friday this great idea for legislation.

The Protecting Drug Innovation Act they announced will repeal the just signed, in August, Inflation Reduction Act passed by both houses. This bill gave Medicare the authority to negotiate prescription drug prices, thereby offering an opportunity to get some of the most used drug prices lowered making them affordable for everyone.

This bill would stop that from happening because they feel that Big Pharma is unfairly being punished from making a profit. The fact that we here in the US pay about 400% more for these drugs than anywhere else in the world doesn't seem to bother them.

And what in the world is Rubio thinking when he is a Senator from a state that has about 60% seniors living there? How stupid is this guy? This bill is just so absurd that you almost can't believe they thought it was a good idea but then this new Trumplican Party has not shown any inkling of being anything but ignorant and evil.

I am still trying to understand why so many people feel that the Democrat's party is ruining this country when the party they support continues to bring forward these dangerous and disgusting plans. How much Kool-Ade have you been drinking to believe these dopes?

If you are so stupid that you think these are good ideas and it will get you to rush to the polling places and vote for them, then please do America a favor and stay the hell home and don't vote. You are clearly not capable of making a cognitive decision.

For the rest of us, it is clear that unless we vote Democratic from dog catcher up to Governor and Senator, we are looking at a catastrophic new world. Get out and vote these people out of office.

I will have more reasons to to vote out the Trumplicans in a week or so, stay tuned.

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