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Time To Clean Off The Desk

I'll be all over the map here today but I'll try to put some sense of order to my wild ramblings for you. None of these warrant a full blog because many of you would just click out after three paragraphs on some of them. So without further ado, here we go.

The Cubs, being the Cubs, for the second time in eight years hired a big name manager and then fired their current manager like he was yesterdays stale bread. In 2015 Joe Maddon suddenly became available so the Cubs quietly met with him and offered him the managers slot, then they snuck back home and told Rick Renteria he was being let go because we found somebody shinier and better looking. It was a shitty thing to do to a nice guy in a lousy position with a bad team.

Then the other day they go and do the same thing again with a way under the radar hiring of the Milwaukee Brewers manager, Craig Counsell and then scurrying back home and slipping a note under the door of David Ross telling him please clean out your office. Take your time, you have 20 minutes. Rossy, who will always be beloved because of his leadership on the World Series winning team of 2016, was a fan favorite and doing as well as he could with the crap team he was surrounded with by management.

Honestly, a big market team like the Cubs should be able to do things a little more professionally than skulking around in the middle of the night like this. Knowing how they fired two of the last three managers, why would you take this stinking job?

Counsell is not the whole answer to the Cubs winning the World Series. They still need a 1st baseman, a 3rd baseman, a center fielder, and around seven pitchers, just to be average. I get that Counsell is a better in game manager but he has won just as many National League titles as manager as David Ross. Zero.

Football fans in multiple cities are dealing with their starting quarterback being on the injured list and a back-up has taken over the play calling. In many cases the back-up is doing better than the starter was doing and in some cases the jury is still out on the replacement. It's football so guys get hurt constantly and the mentality in football is, "next man up."

Here is the thing that boggles my mind. Teams with back-up QB's are mostly not going to win their division or get to the playoffs yet when the starter is healed and knowing he has been horrible to average, they still put him back as the starter instead of letting the back-up finish the season to see what he can do.

You already know the guy who was the starter stinks so why put him back in? I just don't understand the thinking. Our beloved Bears are one of those teams. We know that Justin Fields is not the answer so why bench Bagnet and put the guy you already know sucks back in. The kid has not done horrible and maybe, just maybe, he might solve the legitimate back-up slot that has eluded this team for the past, lets call it, 75 years.

The Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans, are among some of the others with the same issue. Let the kids play, you are not going to make the playoffs anyway so how can it hurt you? The NFL is so rigid and stuffy that they do shit just because that is how they've done it forever/ Maybe the time has come for some change?

Speaking of rigid, and stupid, the clown car that is the Republican party continues to find themselves on the wrong side of every major issue and they continue to be befuddled as to why they are not winning more elections.

Yesterday was election day, an off year election, and the GOP lost every major race and issue, again. A Democrat won re-election in a very red state of Kentucky for Governor. A very red Governor in the purple Commonwealth of Virginia was sure the GOP would take over both branches of the state government only to be stunned when the Democrats regained control of both the Senate and the House of Delegates.

Voters in very red Ohio stood up to the Republican party, for the second time in four months, and said we want women to have the choice to decide whether or not they want an abortion in our state by a large margin. Another very red state, Mississippi, barely re-elected their Republican governor over Elvis Presley's second cousin, a guy nobody could pick out of a line-up six months ago.

After all the losses in the past two years, with a Democratic President who is polling terrible, you would think they would say to themselves, maybe we need to rethink our position on some of these issues. But no.

Far right wing nut job, Mark Levin who is completely delusional, said the reason a Democrat won in Kentucky was because the far right crazy running against him for the GOP was not crazy enough. "This should be a lesson for Republicans, i.e., RINOs have no winnable message," he said. Yes their message was insane and he thinks it wasn't crazy enough.

Former Republican Senator Rick Santorum blamed the party's poor showing on the fact that "sexy issues like abortion and marijuana were on the ballot." How many times have the American people said they are easily swayed by that "sexy" issue of abortion. He went on to say, ominously, "I thank goodness that most of the states in this country don't allow you to put everything on the ballots because pure democracies are not the way to run a country." Gulp! Uh-oh.

Ohio's own denier of elections and sexual abuse, Jim Jordan, told CNN he was not concerned about the impact abortion rights would have in 2024, and instead felt that things like crime and immigration would be the defining issues of next year's election. Do these idiots not pay attention?

Speaking of idiots, let's talk Republican voters for a minute. After everything I've shown above, and trust me that is only the tip of the iceberg, people are still out voting for this party in numbers that should scare all of us still here on earth one.

Just today one of the newspapers released a poll that said that 71% of Republicans in Florida agree that the January 6th insurrection was just people expressing their feeling that the vote was fraudulent and Trump wasn't doing anything wrong. 71%!!! Oh my god people please get professional help immediately.

The fact that the party is on the wrong side of every issue and that their voters are supporting them still says we are a long way away from sanity regaining control in this country. I continue to be very frightened about what might happen next November.

When you have people who continue to act and vote like they are in a cult you are fighting an uphill battle to convert them and frankly it is not worth the effort. Instead, those of us on the other side need to make sure for he next fifty-two weeks we are pointing out the idiocy, lies, and bullshit being put out be the Republican party and their followers. Then we need to rally the troops and make sure we get everyone we know to get out and vote the GOP out of office from the top of the ticket to the very bottom.

We need to take back our country and return our lives to rational, helping, thoughtfulness, caring, goodness to each other.

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