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Time To Clean The Desk

Its only July and I'm already tired of the non stop heat and we have just a short 12 weeks to go before it returns to livable here so while I'm in a bad mood I thought why not clean off the desk and get to some stories that don't warrant a full column. (How's that for a run on sentence?)

Lets start with the last blog regarding St. Andrews and my, meh, feelings towards it. As I expected I heard back from several of you, all with the same basic feelings. Its the history of the place that you love. Several of you also mentioned that to prove what an all around golfer you are you need to be able to win on links courses since that is where golf was invented.

I get that. Let me ask this then. If the history at St. Andrews is so important then going forward "The Open" golfers should have to play with hickory shafts, gutta percha balls, and wear three piece wool suits like they did when the course opened. That would get me to watch. Otherwise I find it boring and nothing resembling golf.

Recently Madison Hoff wrote for Business Insider, an interesting story about people regretting their decision to retire, or quit their jobs. In the story he said the three main things they regret are, they thought they would find better jobs, the new job wasn't what they hoped it would be, and they miss their old colleagues.

As you know, if you know me, nobody has had more jobs than me, or has quit more jobs than me. I've even been asked to leave several times in my "career", if you can call a string of similar jobs that. So I know about regrets, and hope, with new work.

This past January I retired for the third and last time and I have to tell you, I have no regrets. I love having no pressure on me to do whatever was expected of me on the job. I wrote that book I had been promising myself for fifty years. And, financially, we are in great shape, as long as I don't live past Saturday.

Speaking of regrets, my old nemesis is still running around claiming that he was robbed even while a select House committee is showing that it was all not true and that he was instrumental in trying to overthrow a free and fair election. It is pretty clear to 70% of America that he is deranged and in serious need of something to put him out of our misery.

In the midst of this investigation he called a Wisconsin official and insisted that she toss out the results of the election because the state supreme court ruled that random ballot drop boxes were unconstitutional. These are the same morons that thought forcing people to stand in line in extreme weather conditions was perfectly fine.

He also continues to lament his defeat as stolen. It wasn't. He is now going to run for election in 2024 to stop any prosecution of him and his family by taking control of the Justice Department. Meanwhile, his handpicked candidates for various offices around the country are winning more than they are losing in their primaries.

All this is proof that the GOP has lost their minds and even Richard Nixon is spinning in his grave over what has become of the Republican Party. Imagine if you will these nut cases actually getting elected. If that happens you can kiss this Republic good-bye.

Finally an update on my book. I just want to thank everyone who has reached out to me, or left a review on Amazon, for your kind words and thoughts. While I didn't write it to receive huge money or plaudits it is nice to hear that so many of you enjoyed reading it.

Christmas is only five months away and books always make great gifts.

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