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Today's Final Jeopardy Answer Is

And the final Jeopardy question is: Who is the dumbest, worst, and most evil person to ever be President?

For long time readers of this blog none of this comes a a surprise to you. I have done everything I can do to never mention him by name unless absolutely necessary. I refuse to show him any respect since he has shown zero to our country, constitution, and democracy. With him out of office I thought we would finally be able to take a deep breath and get past his four years of hell in office, but of course not.

His current list of illegal activities would be a waste of my time to list and yours to read. I don't believe in organized religion, and am skeptical about the God thingy, but if there is anyone up there, at what point does he/she step in and put us out of his misery with a well placed bullet or heart attack.

Here is the thing that really gets me nuts. It is the fervent worshiping he gets from his demented supporters. I was thrilled to finally hear a Democrat say out loud what everyone is thinking and that is the former idiot in chief and his minions are a clear and present danger to our American way of life. If you think otherwise then this blog is not for you.

If you feel his racists leanings are not important, then you are a racist. If you think his love of white supremacist does not reflect badly on him then, guess what, you are a white supremacist yourself. And if after all you've seen from him trying to overthrow a free and fair election, stealing classified documents, and two years later still claiming he actually won the election, then you are as big of an idiot as he is and you need to hear that from the rest of us every day.

See the five dopes who can't spell the name of their hero? If you are a supporter of the ex president then that is how we all see you. In a mental competency contest against rocks, Vegas has you as a 3 to 5 underdog.

Having one of his appointed judges allowing him to have a special master go over the documents he stole is both a waste of time and money for all of us, but more importantly, another sign that democracy is teetering on the brink. This judge should have recused herself in this matter. It is like the NCAA investigating themselves in any matter. It is not right and it is stupid.

All this will do is delay the DOJ investigating him for this illegal act and eventually he will be found guilty and will be indicted. And if the DOJ doesn't get him on this, he is lined up for indictment for his role in the January 6th insurrection. Should he escape that legal mess then the great state of Georgia has him in their crosshairs for his trying to overthrow the election down there in 2020. I am mostly convinced that eventually he will be serving time in prison for something illegal he is involved with.

He is a very bad guy who cannot walk down the road of truth and righteousness if you pointed it out to him. It is in his soul to be a grifter and a con man and the sooner you see this with your own eyes the sooner your life will stop being a joke.

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