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Too Many Of Us Are In

We have a sickness sweeping our country that will do more long term harm to our democracy than nearly anything else that has come our way. It is destructive. It is widespread. It is insipid. It is called denial.

Lest you think this is only a conservative, or Republican, problem, think again. This disease crosses all party and ideological lines. It effects the weak minded and the strong minded with equal destruction. It has become so pervasive in our everyday life that we don't even notice it most times anymore.

Here is what makes it so destructive. We are so caught up in our way of thinking that we can't even see that many of us have built up this belief on a foundation of lies and half truths fueled by the media we tune in to, or the stories we read, or the people we associate with who believe the same things.

The result is that it is, for now, crippling our country but the long term results will be the loss of our democracy and a likely civil war as the only way to break free from its clutches. Stop the hyperbole Dan, you are screaming. Well, while I have been pointing out that we are headed for a civil war for four years now, historians who do this for a living are now saying that our country is in a worse philosophical position than just before the last civil war.

Four years ago I thought the left would be the starters of this but now it seems like the right will take up arms first. But does it really matter who starts it? While I would like to place the blame for all this at the feet of our 45th President, it has been building for many years and he just tossed the match on the gasoline.

There is a small core of people who haven't bought into the lies and fake news but make no mistake they will be caught up in this mess too. We all like to think we know the real truth and aren't part of this denial issue, but do you really? How do you know what you believe is not true if you only listen to the people telling you what you want to hear? You can't possibly. If someone know tries telling you that you might be wrong, most of us go nuclear and accuse them of lying instead of listening to them.

You can't search the internet for the answer because depending on how you form the questions will determine what answer you are sent to which only reinforces your wrong belief. Watching another network news then you usually do only leads to your wondering how anyone can believe their idiocy.

There was a time when we knew who we could trust to give us the straight answers and who were charlatans to avoid. Unfortunately today, we have mostly charlatans and they are infecting us all with their lies a deceit. I'm sorry to be the bearer of such bad news but if we don't start to recognize the problem we can never fix it.

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