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Two Full Days Of Olympic Heartbreak

We are only two days into the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and already the United States is showing that our best athletes are more summer than winter athletes. Occasionally we have a strong ladies skating team, or person, but mostly we are chasing every other country on the planet, except maybe Australia, at the winter games.

While we send 15 year old Anna Hoffmann to be our sole woman's ski jumper, (pictured on the left), Russia sends their 15 year old woman's ice skater Kamila Valieva, (pictured above on the right). Our 15 year old finished 37th out of 40 in her first event while Kamila finished 1st out of the world in hers.

Breaking News, the two American ice skaters above, Karen Chen and Vincent Chou, decided to just call it in during the team ice skating event yesterday. Speaking with reporters after they skated, both said that it was just a team event, they are only interested in the individual events. I'm sure the rest of the team was happy to hear that.

After day one the USA was in first place with two first place and two second place finishes, then these two barely made an effort and now the team is in second place and fading fast. It seems that the big guns of team America skating are too tired and are focused on getting ready for the individual portions of the Olympics and won't be competing in the medal round of the team event. Our third string will be there instead.

Here is your team USA mixed doubles curling team. Vicky and Chris have perfected taking a potential win and turning it into a crushing defeat. They lead the Olympics, so far, in giving up three and four point ends to the other team. It has happened multiple times in just seven matches. Teams can go years without giving up that many points in an end and they have given up a lifetime of them in just seven matches.

It's not fair to blame them both because Vicky has played very well, mostly, so far, however, Chris has played like you and me would if we were on the team. Clueless. His favorite word is, "sorry". Good news, he's headed to the men's team after the mixed doubles are over.

Our best hope for a medal over at the cross country track is Jessie Diggins. She won gold in 2018 in a shocking upset. with fellow American Kikkan Randall in the team sprint event. It is the only medal the USA has won on the ladies side ever in the Olympics. Only one man has won a medal in cross country skiing, Bill Koch did it in 1976 with a second place finish for silver. Two stinking medals in Olympic history, and Jessie had to overcome bulimia to win hers.

You go to anywhere in the US where it snows and you will find 73,000 people out cross country skiing and in the history of the Olympics we can only find two people to win medals? Really?!?!

Guess what else we suck at in the Winter Olympics? The biathlon. Talk about an event we should dominate. There is no country on earth that is more gun centric than the US of A, yet we can't win in this sport to save our lives. In fact as bad as we are at cross country skiing, we seem to be even worse at the shooting portion of the event.

Who could have predicted that America couldn't find anyone that can shoot. Watch the news and there are people shooting hundreds of times a day. Maybe we should petition the Olympics to change this event o either a drive by event, or use live targets instead.

We have never won a medal in this sport in the history of the Olympics. It seems impossible.

I know we are not strong in the Winter Games, but can we at least stay ahead of New Zealand?

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