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What Are The Democrats Doing

You've seen me write this here before so this won't surprise you. The Democratic Party could screw up a one car parade.

It continues to baffle and frustrate me how they have zero idea as to how to fight the messaging coming from the GOP. They're like the kid on the playground who is getting the living shit beat out of him and he's asking the guy punching him if he wants to discuss this calmly instead. NO! He is only interested in beating the shit out of you, you moron.

The messaging problem starts with these two idiots. When the leadership of the party refuses to go after the other guys, and continues to try to find ways to work with them, even when they have made it crystal clear they have no interest in doing the same, and also refuse to change the rules so that they have the upper hand, then what is happening will be the result. The GOP is controlling the narratives on every major issue today and the morons who vote are starting to believe these liars.

On issue after issue the Democrats refuse to push back on the lies being told by the other side, believing that if they stay above the fray they will look more collegial and in control. They may, but they are losing voters by the day because people are listening to the other side who have no problem looking like lunatics and lying to the faces of the America people.

Here is the sad truth in this country. 80% of voters are politically stupid. They have no clue as to what is really going on and they have no interest in finding out the real story. It is easier for them to listen to whomever is screaming at them the loudest and most consistent for the answers.

Whatever you may think about this guy, California Governor Gavin Newsom, he gets how to get a message out there. The party would do well to either put him in charge of messaging or make him the leading candidate for President so they have a leader who will punch the GOP in the face instead of wringing his hands and hoping they meet him half way.

A recent poll shows that 62% of the country thinks the recent indictment of the former President is politically motivated. That's about 80 some percent of Republicans, 65% of independents, and 28% of Democrats. This tells me that at least 62% of Americans are idiots. This is the most open and closed case of all time of someone stealing classified documents and refusing to return them. There are average Americans in jail for taking one or two pages and this guy has 31 boxes of them. If you think this is a political hit job then I'm sorry but you are an idiot.

The economy, the mental acuity of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and fifty other issues have the Democrats on the defensive and the GOP shoving lie after lie down the throats of their loyal, but stupid, followers. And they tell the same story every time anyone of them opens their mouths. No matter who is talking it is the same false story. They even get help from the far right media who parrots their false talking points themselves.

Meanwhile the Democrats shake their heads and say things like, "I'm not going to comment on these stories", or "I'm going to let the American people decide for themselves." Guess what? The American people are stupid. They need someone to tell them what to believe. They are mostly incapable of thinking for themselves. They want to hear the other side say this is not right and here are the facts, over, and over , and over, again until the factual message is beaten into their thick skulls.

For god's sakes Democrats. If there ever was an opportunity to put the GOP out of our misery once and for all it is now and instead you are sitting around hoping they will shoot themselves. They can't because the voters are too stupid to see it for themselves. Grab a goddamn gun and start firing back.

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