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Where Do You Stand?

A special thanks to Darrell Wolfe for the above graphic that shows how I believe politics have been for most of my lifetime. It was always pretty clear where someone stood on an issue. If you believed this, you were that. If you believed that, you were this. Later, many people thought of themselves as Moderate and a new phrase was born, "Social Liberal, Fiscal Conservative." (Truth be told I felt I belonged in that category myself.)

Recently many family and friends have been upset with me over my position on various issues. They can't understand how they thought of me, has turned out to be completely wrong and confusing. Like most of you, my views on some things have changed over the years. You grow up, you experience new things, and your perspective changes as you get older. It is called life and we all live it.

Interestingly, many of the things they accuse me of being, are actually just not true. Many of the things I write about here are about a moment in time, or an opportunity to get a view out there that will generate discussion. Some, I strongly believe in, and some I marginally believe in, and once in a while I don't believe in what I've written at all.

Because I do believe that I should be on record with you, my adoring public, I have decided to let you in on just what my thinking is on the hot topics of today's world. I decided since I haven't really pissed you off in a few days, All-Start Game day was the perfect time to get your blood boiling.

As the late Harry Caray used to say, "Hello everybody, grab a Falstaff and enjoy today's game."

Gun Control - I am in favor of everyone turning in their guns immediately but since that is not realistic I am in favor of some reasonable things. Mandatory background checks to make sure the person buying a gun is not a felon or crazy. I am also in favor of eliminating the sale of guns by private citizens, or selling guns at gun shows. If you need a gun, go to a gun store and buy one where they do background checks.

Abortion - I believe that the woman has the right to decide if she wants to keep the baby or not. It is her body and her choice. If you are in favor of allowing the baby to be be born, then you must sign up to adopt that child when your name comes up on the list. No other options.

Taxes - For too long now, the people who can most afford to pay, have not paid their fair share, and that needs to stop. I don't know what the percentages need to be, but I know that if you are poor you should pay less taxes than if you are rich. Corporations should also pay more since they are making billions off of us and paying nothing for that pleasure.

Police - It is stupid to think we can survive without police, so defunding them is ridiculous. However, the police are out of control right now, and the culture that has emerged within most police departments is unhealthy. I believe we need to fire them all, hire back the ones that aren't racist and/or white nationalists, and retrain them for today's world. Can't a stun gun work just as well as shooting someone from point blank range?

Term Limits - Absolutely, and I would include judges in this too. Start right now and we will finally make a dent in the nothing getting done world of politics. The biggest roadblocks in politics are the people that have been there the longest. Come in, get stuff done, and move on.

Health Care - We should not change the qualification ages for Medicare. This should be for retirees only. What we should do is fix the holes in the affordable care act, make health care affordable, and make it mandatory. Nobody wants the USA to turn in Canada on this issue. Talk to any Canadian you want to and they all say the same thing. "Love that it is free and hate that you have to wait forever to get help."

Death Penalty - I go back and forth on this. I believe in an eye for an eye, but I hate that so many innocent people are on death row. Until we are going to do DNA testing to 100% prove guilt or innocence then I want to hold off on killing anyone that might not be guilty.

Voting - This is as fundamental a right as we have as Americans. To do anything that will make it harder for people to vote is against everything we used to believe as a country. We should be making it easier for people to vote, not making it harder. If the Republican Party believes that they can't win an election if more people vote, then maybe they should get on the right side of issues that will get them elected. As for voter ID's, I have no problem with this, but allow utility bills as ID for those that don't have any other form at their disposal.

Education - Learning is fundamental. If you stay in school thru Junior College, it should be free. If you want to go to a trade school, or higher education, after that then you will have to pay your own way. If you need help paying, then give them interest free loans to pay back, or, offer a work for school program.

Political Parties - I have written this before, eliminate all party affiliations. If you want to run for office you run as an American. No primary, just an election. Make it a short window and minimal allowances for advertising. How about doing it the old fashioned way, go door-to-door and ask people for their vote.

Social Security - Stop stealing the funding for military needs and other crap. Make sure it is 100% funded, and solvent, and raise everyone's income by at least 40% to make it easier for those that depend on it, to live a decent life. And allow survivor spouses to keep 100% of the income coming in while they are still alive.

Homeless - This is an issue that is not going away so pretending it isn't here is dumb. We have thousands of malls, military bases, and apartment complexes that are abandoned. Convert them into decent housing, and create a jobs program to do it, to solve this problem.

Immigration - America has always been a country built on people from many different walks of life. It is what makes us so much better than the rest of the world, our differences are our strength. Let anyone who wants to come in, come in, but do it legally. Just freaking ask to come in and we will let you. Stop doing it on the sly and this problem goes away.

There is plenty of room here for all viewpoints on all the issues. Guess what? If we actually talked, and listened, to each other, instead of shouting, and calling each other names, we might actually figure out a way to make it work for all. Go figure. Here is another graphic that sums things up for us all.

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