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Who Cares?

I'm getting tired of having to explain to a portion of the population that they are focusing on the wrong part of the story when it comes to Covid. I find it frustrating and stupid that there are people out there who just don't care about the facts or what the heart of the story really is about.

This week the Department of Energy released a statement saying that they believe that Covid started in a lab in China that had a leak and released the virus out into the world. While the DOE is a branch of the loose affiliation that makes up the intelligence community here, they are, after all, specialists on energy, not viruses. Their own statement said they have a "low confidence" about the actual facts they've discovered. There are three levels the intelligence agencies use for classification purposes, low, medium, and high.

Here is how they describe information with a low confidence rating: A low confidence assessment generally means that the information obtained is not reliable enough or is too fragmented to make a more definitive analytic judgement or that there is not enough information available to draw a more robust conclusion. This means they are basically throwing darts and have no real idea.

Naturally Republicans and right wing media have grabbed onto this as the story of the year and proof that Biden has been lying to them for three years. It also is proof that Fauci caused it just like they have been saying for four years. The fact that most scientists and intelligence agencies still feel it started in nature with animals is of no value to them because it doesn't fit their narrative.

Here is where they have gone off the tracks, again. They are missing the whole point of Covid. It doesn't matter where or how it started. Who cares? The story is that 1,115,637 of our friends, family, and neighbors have died from this catastrophe. Furthermore, the guy in charge when this all broke out spent months defending China for doing a wonderful job of keeping everyone updated when in fact they weren't. He also poo-pooed the whole thing as basically just a cold and it was nothing to worry about. Now, I will give him credit for fast tracking a vaccine, he did the right thing there, even if it was way too late to save thousands of our family.

The point here is that all the hand wringing by the GOP and the right wing media is not going to bring back those million plus people. In fact they are still pushing the argument that

the vaccine is dangerous and a waste of time, while, by the way, they have all been vaccinated themselves. That is the sick part of the recent phase of this story. They continue to spread false information, just like the 2020 election, except this time it is costing people their lives.

That is the story you morons.

Covid kills. Get vaccinated and live. It doesn't matter where it came from.

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