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You Can't Teach Stupid

With each passing day I'm becoming more and more troubled by how stupid we are getting in this country. Not everyone, but a significant percentage of the country has decided to stop thinking for themselves and just let somebody else tell them how to think and act.

In the past I've characterized this group with either a party affiliation or a particular political slant, and you know what, it's bigger than all that. I will no longer lump conservative Republicans into one large group. While many of them are stupid, there are some that aren't, and it's not fair to those people.

Lest you think that stupidity is the sole realm of one group think again. There are plenty of stupid people on the other side of the political spectrum too. I can hear you already saying Dan, it isn't right to call people stupid. It is when that is what they are.

We are getting way to politically correct and it has allowed for the stupid to multiply because we didn't point out to them the fact that they are idiots. This must stop. If you see someone doing or saying something stupid, do them and us a favor and point it out to them so they will learn.

Here are some numbers for you to better see the problem.

17% of America is against wearing a mask to stop the spread of Covid.

22% of America is against getting vaccinated to stop the spread of Covid.

38% of America is very pro Trump.

39% of America believes that the attempted coup and riot on 1/6 was no big deal.

41% of America, and 80% of Republicans, still believes that Biden lost the election.

66% of Americans that were infected with Omicron had been infected with Covid before.

If those numbers don't make you slap your forehead in despair I don't know what will. As for the last group of idiots. If you get all your shots, and the booster, and wear a real mask when you are out in public, the chances are 97% that you won't get the Omicron variant. Yet 66% that got it, had Covid before and still aren't taking precautions. That my friends is stupid.

So where are all these dopes getting their information? From social media, but only from places they already agree with. For example, if you are anti vaccine you tend to only read anti vaccine sites and stories to reinforce your already stupid ideas.

Conservative news outlets are another source for these morons. Newsmax had two anchors last night breathless with anticipation at the former idiot in chief speaking in Texas. They prepped the viewers by repeating the same lies that he has been spouting for five years.

Fox News has now become Tass the official mouthpiece of Vlad Putin and Russia. Every night they are on the air with their pro Russia lies asking the idiots that are still watching them why America isn't supporting Russia over the Ukraine? Um, the Ukraine is our ally while Russia is our enemy may have something to do with our support.

Fox News has also decided to spend the next three years, at least, letting everyone know that in their opinion Joe Biden is senile and incapable of his own thoughts. He is not smart and strong like Trump. You know the guy who wanted you to shoot bleach in your lungs, and take a pill pill designed for horses, and has no idea what banging your head against the wall means. That genius.

I am still waiting for just one Trump supporter to tell me why they think he was the greatest President ever with a reason based in fact, not conservative media dribble. He passed two laws as President. The first one was to make it legal for people who have been diagnosed as insane to own a gun. The second one was to lower taxes for forty of his closest friends while the rest of us had our taxes go up.

What exactly did he do to get so much love from you people? Your IRA's, by the way, went up because of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, not anything he did. So give up that stupid story once and for all.

Anyway, I digress.

It is discouraging to me to see so many educated people become so stupid before our very eyes. Please, for the love of god, if you are one of the people that are in the numbers above, read something from the Washington Post, or Chicago Tribune, or New York Times, or Time Magazine so that you can actually start to see and read the truth on some of these topics.

Stop melting your brain by listening to, or reading, bullshit from people who are crazier than even you. You are being fed lie after lie and it is killing this country. Grow the hell up and start to think for yourself once you get the real facts.

Get vaccinated, get a booster shot, wear a goddamn mask in public, Biden won fair and square, and Trump is the dumbest person on earth.

You're welcome.

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