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A Setback Or Just Overuse

Things back here in recovery continue to be exciting. This has been an action packed week filled with ups and downs and capped off today as my sleep deprivation is finally catching up to me.

The week started of well enough as I was walking around Staples, because I forgot why I went there, and noticed they were having a chair sale. Since the chair Linda bought me from one of those national charity shops for $5, was crapping out, I thought this was perfect time to get another, if I could find one I liked, and it wasn't expensive. Low and behold a beautiful pleather model for $99 grabbed me and I took it home.

Then Linda decided she needed to get out of the house and what better, and safer, place to go then Walmart. You would think pushing someone around in a wheelchair would be easy, but let me tell you it is hard work. However, while there, we noticed TV's on sale, and the 32" model we have in the family room isn't cutting it anymore. We found a couple we liked but decided to look on line, where we purchased a new 50" model that they would ship at no charge to the house.

The TV was scheduled to arrive either Tuesday afternoon, or Wednesday morning. Perfect. It arrived Friday around 4:30 with two big holes, one in the front and one in the back, of the box. Luckily nothing was broken when we took it out, but the fact that they kept sending shipping updates, with a scheduled time, and then at the end of the day revised it to say, no shipping information available at this time, was frustrating to say the least.

Now that we are $400+ invested in things we really didn't need, my computer decides that it was on the road to death. Hello Dell, how much of my money will you be taking this time? Way more than we wanted to spend, but less, barely, than the national debt, we are now the proud owners of a new computer.

Needing someone to transfer files, and make sure everything was set up right, I went to Best Buy to find out if the Geek Squad could help. They would be happy to help, for only $200, but they won't transfer half of the things I needed transferred, and it would take a week to do it. Wow!

I went home, and looked on line, and found Hugo who agreed to come to the house and do everything I needed done in exchange for my old computer. Deal, said I. Finally, things were looking up this week, I ever so briefly thought. Fool.

(Not Linda, but a very close artist rendering of her)

Linda, the person doing double what she needs to do for her recovery, decided this week that she has had enough of this whole walker thingy. She has been outside walking up and down the street, and zooming around the house, averaging about 15 miles a day. Throw in some leg lifts, and leg stretches, and much to her surprise she has had a setback, as her hip hurts like it did before the surgery. Go figure.

What is she doing to help recover from her overuse? Walking just as much, and exercising her leg still. (As I write this she is watering the plants around the house, barely hanging onto the walker.) We see the surgeon Tuesday and that should be a fun meeting. She gets her staples out today and the physical therapist comes by also to set up some exercise routines. That should slow her down.

So what does the sleep deprivation picture have to do with any of this you ask?

Today, after two weeks of 4-6 hours of sleep a night, it finally has caught up to me. I have been dropping things all morning. I dropped an egg getting breakfast ready, flipped the hash browns onto the floor, and burned the ham while cleaning up the hash brown mess. Oh, and my right wrist is sore from putting the new desk chair together the other day. I have four words for my situation. I. Am. A. Mess.

Once I'm done feeding Doris I get to vacuum the house and clean the bathroom. Good times. My plan is to watch Northwestern lose, on my new TV, and take four or five naps before lunch.

Wake me when it is happy hour.

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