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America's Most Watched News Channel

Full disclosure here. I used to get my news primarily from Twitter. I mean, what's more reliable than them. If it's on Twitter it must be true, right? However, as you'll recall, I put myself in social media time-out several months ago so I needed to find a new source of information.

I have been trying out various outlets, and while I generally watch Nicole Wallace, Rachel Maddow, and Brian Williams on MSNBC when I want to know what is going on, I thought last night I would try out the number one cable news source in America, Fox News. Apparently there is a whole different life going on in this country that I was not aware of.

Once the news division closes up shop, the real stuff happens. Tucker Carlson starts things off at 8PM eastern time/5PM here in Cali. Tucker has been losing viewers steadily with every new story he latches onto. Remember when he was telling America that the Covid-19 virus was started in China by people eating live animals? Me either, but he did.

Fox News is consumed right now with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden being puppets of China story. This is pretty much all that is talked about on the network all day. The fact that none of what they are talking about is actually true doesn't stop them from presenting it like it is.

Last night Carlson claimed that he had received damning information from a "reliable" source, proving that the Bidens' were guilty. That's not even the story. Without making a copy, or faxing them, or emailing them, his producer in New York mailed them to him in Los Angeles and, someone opened the letter and stole the documents. Further proof of how incriminating the evidence must have been.

Seriously. A host of a news network show, seriously and steadfastly, claimed that the dog ate his homework. How does this guy still work on TV? An entire hour was spent on talking about this insane story. This was just the first hour of my night.

Next up, at 9PM Eastern time and 6PM out here, is the acting President of the United States, Sean Hannity.The first fifteen minutes of his show is dedicated to listing all the accomplishments of the current idiot in chief, and then pointing out how the mainstream media are slugs, and servants, to the Democratic party, who purposely won't report the real news, like the Russian made-up Hunter Biden story.

My favorite segment was when he spoke with, the surprisingly still alive, former congressman Newt Gingrich. They discussed for another fifteen minutes how the mainstream media, pollsters, and 70% of America, was completely wrong, and that the Republicans were going to sweep all three branches of government and restore order to our democracy.

The fact that not one reliable pundent or pollster has that happening, be damned. If Hannity says so, then it must be. As he honestly pointed out at the close of this segment, and I quote. "Based on the latest polling, it looks like the American voters will likely decide who wins this years election." Likely? Who does he think actually decides, Russia? Fox News? Tucker Carlson?

How does anyone believe this guy, and how does he have the highest rated cable news show? I was so stunned by his idiocy I missed the last half hour. He is also on radio throwing up this crap everyday too. Apparently I've been following the wrong things all my life.

Not to be outdone for crazy, at 10PM Eastern time, 7PM on the West coast, the truly nutty Laura Ingraham has an hour for her inside scoops. I find her the most intriguing of the three. The first two are prone to hyperbole and ratings grabbing attention. Laura truly believes in her heart of hearts that Democrats are the lowest form of life and should be killed. Ingraham has even had her brother tell reporters that she is nuts, and if you can't believe a sibling, well then I don't know who you can trust.

Last night was dedicated to how Joe Biden was going to turn the country into dust if he gets elected. We will become communist China in two weeks. AOC plus three will lead a coup and take over the White House. He will shut down Fox News, Breitbart, and all the other right wing media outlets within the first hour.

Then she hit her viewers with this bombshell.

Joe Biden's response to the Covid pandemic, which is already disappearing, will be, are you ready for this? "To listen exclusively to the un-elected science and medical people when making his decisions." Apparently these experts are the last people she wants to see leading the country out of this nightmare.

It only makes sense to continue to listen to the crackpots, and sycophants, of the current mass murderer in charge when eradicating this virus. They've done such a great job so far with only 9 million cases and 288,000 dead Americans and counting.

By now I had a massive headache and wanted to scream. I could only think of two things. First, how in the world is this allowed on television? Second, the number of people that follow Fox News, and believe their nonsense, makes me want to cry for them. Common sense tells you that this is ridiculous, and yet millions of people make decisions in their daily lives based on this "reporting".

The news on the Daily Show is more accurate for god's sake. This headline, created by Fox News, says it all.

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