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Bears Offense Inept vs Packers

That sound you heard last night was the Super Bowl dreams of Bears fans blowing up. Death came quietly at around 10:30 PM CDT when ex-Bear Adrian Amos picked off an ill conceived pass by Mitch Trubisky in the end zone with under 2:00 minutes to play.

Here are a couple of things you only need to know to understand how bad the Bears were.

The Bears had more punts than first downs and their leading yardage gainer was punter Pat O'Donnell. Not a good showing by an offense that Matt Nagy refused to play during the preseason. Even a casual fan knows you need to practice to get better and running plays in practice is not going to get it done alone.

"Three points is ridiculous," coach Matt Nagy said to I couldn't agree more. "It's just we were uncharacteristic tonight of who we are as an offense," added Trubisky. "We were rolling in practice and it just didn't translate." Surprisingly it is easier to run plays in practice when nobody is hitting you, than in a game when the other team wants to crush you. "I am not in panic mode," Nagy said. That makes one person in Chicago that isn't.

In the whole scheme of things it's only one loss, and there are 15 more game to go, but losing to a division team is like two losses, and losing to the Packers is like having your heart ripped out. Losing and not scoring a touchdown is ridiculous.

Most are saying they think the defense played well and generally they did. I would say that the Green Bay defense outplayed the Bears defense and the points prove that out. Neither offense was exactly stellar so hold your applause until the end of the season.

The night was summed up by the drive in the third quarter when the Bears had 1st and 10 from the Green Bay 43 and turned that into 3rd and 40 from their own 27. A brilliant display of players out of game shape. The Bears had nearly as many holding penalties in this game as the entire season last year. Don't even get me started about the multiple delay of game calls.

The play calling was awful, the play execution was just as bad, and the whole team looked like they could use another two or three preseason games to get ready. I know you want to praise the defense but again, the Packers offense wasn't exactly good either and the Bears defense was not able to stop them when they needed to like the Packers defense did against the Bears offense.

For now I will just be thankful for the invention of adult beverages to help me get thru the next few days and prepare for the next game at Denver.

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