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Christmas 2020

I'm sorry that it has been nearly a week since I wrote a column but life in 2020 has gotten in the way of normalcy once again. Saturday night we had to call 911, for Linda's mom, and the paramedics took her to the emergency room at Eisenhower Hospital where she stayed until we brought her home late last night. She's fine, and back to normal, but they are still going through all the tests to see what happened.

Hopefully this caps off, arguably, the worst year in the worlds history since World War 2. Between the pandemic, the political circus, and the Theo Epstein resignation, our whole world is upside down.

As is usually the case, when things are going wrong, trouble piles up on you, and the simple little cold, becomes an avalanche of medical issues that attack the entire household. Such is 2020. Naturally insurance only covers 80% of the costs, and today nothing is cheap, so the bills compound and then you blink and you owe stupid money.

I tell you this, not for sympathy, we are doing fine, and I know everyone has had an unbelievable year themselves. I tell you this as a point of reference as to why you will not be receiving a Christmas card from team Marich this year.

Instead, please enjoy some past pictures we have shared with many of you, and rest assure, we will be back at it for next Christmas.

Both Linda and I struggled to get into the holiday spirit this year. We put up our tree with lights and garland, but no ornaments. There are a smattering of decorations around the house, and I managed to get up a couple of strings of lights outside. Tasteful, but not over the top for sure.

Because we will not be sharing the holidays with family and friends, it makes it even less urgent to get full blown into the season. Judging by comments I've received from many of you, it is going to be much of the same everywhere this year.

Here is a reminder of why we moved to Palm Desert. It gives me the heebie jeebies just looking at this picture. I can still remember how stinking cold I was clearing this space. Of course the dogs loved it, they didn't have to shovel it.

Trust me, they're much happier out here.

Just 16 more days to get through and we can finally put this year behind us. Yesterday was a ray of hope, and positive energy, for the world, as a vaccine was finally rolled out to healthcare workers, and people living in long term care facilities. Seeing pictures of shots being given seemed to pick up the collective spirits of us all as it signaled light at the end of the tunnel.

We will still suffer many more bad days, and we still need to be vigilant in wearing a mask, washing our hands, and staying away from each other for a little while longer. They are saying that by Memorial Day we should start to be able to resume our new normal lifestyles again.

Thanks to you all for understanding our decision, and for those of you who took the time to send out cards this year, bless you for your energy and spirit.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

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