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Goofs On Parade

Well folks its been a while since we checked in on the former once great party of Lincoln so let's see what the clown car party is up to these days.

Many of you may not recognize this guy above but he is one of the dangerous far right nutjobs in the House of Representatives, the honorable Don Bacon (R-NE). This past weekend he was the designated mouthpiece for network news shows and while he has been known to say and be in the middle of some crazy shit, even he has had it with the House's pathetic efforts to impeach President Biden.

While on Meet the Press he admitted that, "lawyers for the committee investigating Biden have said they really don't have a specific crime that has been committed." Hmm, that seems like a problem to me but I'm not a Congressman. He went on to admit, "They'd need that for impeachment which needs a high crime or misdemeanor to impeach." Some well spent millions of dollars by the GOP once again.

Months and months spent on this fiasco instead of actually governing the country. You may recall that their key witness, Alexander Smirnov, was charged with lying to federal authorities. It seems the story the committee was using as the basis for their impeachment hearing was all lies as told by Mr. Smirnov to them. Nice vetting.

These very easy to explain lines we see in the sky are called contrails. They are left behind as airplanes race across the country and are formed by the heat from their engines leaving vapors in the sky, just like when we see our breath outside on a cold day. If you've been following the insanity of the GOP then you will not be surprised to learn that they see these and immediately scream conspiracy.

The Tennessee branch of club crazy passed legislation this week "banning the intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any means, of chemicals, chemical compounds, or substances." Honestly, I can't make this stuff up. Apparently Republican Steve Southerland is convinced the government is releasing chemtrails to harm us all, and to change the weather so people start believing in global warming, or even worse, to be able to control our minds. Just when you think these people can't get nuttier they find something else to come unglued about. To be clear, there is no such thing as a "chemtrail".

This is the same state government that recently introduced a resolution calling for Tennesseans to "join in a 30-day season of prayer and intermittent fasting in July to seek God's hand of mercy healing on Tennessee." Seriously, even Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

You are probably familiar with the nut on the right above. She is Christina Bobb. Name ring a bell? She was a reporter on that goofy far right network OAN and was so sure the 2020 election was stolen that the Donald himself hired her to be his lawyer suing everyone and their brother to prove it was stolen. Of course it failed because there was no stolen election but now the RNC, led by Trumps daughter in law Lara Trump, has hired her to head up their new "Election Integrity Unit"

They will be pouring tens of dollars into it as she and her team, er, actually just her, will be on the prowl looking under every rock to find voter fraud and fix it so that Donnie is rightly elected this time. They are hoping she can repeat her efforts that found voter fraud by the voting machine manufacturer Dominion which led to billions of dollars in fines being paid out by Fox News and other organizations because they were blatant lies and untruths and were repeated over and over on TV and radio by the far right media.

As you would expect here on earth one, lawyers and election veterans are troubled by the RNC hiring Bobb given her history of election denialism and her working closely with Trump and his debunked claims of fraud. Chioma Chukwu, the deputy executive director of the watchdog group American Oversight, called Bobb's hiring by the RNC, "A dangerous sign of how entrenched the election denial movement has become on the right." Ya think?

Representative Guy Reschenthaler, R-PA has introduced a bill in Congress Friday along with six co-signers, calling for Dulles Airport in Washington DC to be renamed The Donald J. Trump International Airport. Really. Calling his reign of terror "In my lifetime, our nation has never been greater than under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump." Adding, "There can be nothing better than guests landing and hearing 'Welcome to Trump International Airport' as they land on American soil."

Dulles is ranked 33 out of 764 U.S. airports in terms of passenger traffic in 2023. It is also the fourth largest U.S. airport in terms of land area although if the name is changed Trump spokesmen will immediately point out it is the bigglyest of all airports on earth. More waste of time and money by the GOP instead of passing aid to Ukraine.

Ok, let's end this on a bit of good news somewhat.

Remember that Trump Covid era plan to give small businesses money to help them retain workers and keep their business going? I know, there was so much craziness going on then it is hard to remember it all but this was hailed by the orange blob himself as how great the Republican party was to give money to small businesses that really needed help. You'll be shocked to know that many of our politicians and their family and friends took advantage of this free money to line their pockets with almost none of it going to small businesses.

Well, good news. The IRS says it is making progress in clawing back money improperly distributed to these ass wipes. Under an amnesty program that allowed thieves to return the money, less 20%, they have received so far, $225 million. The money came from 500 taxpayers with another 800 submissions still being processed.

Additionally the IRS has assessed $572 million in audits of more than 12,000 businesses that filed over 22,000 improper claims. They hope to continue to go after these scum as they believe there is still $3 billion out there taken illegally by friends of Trump and the GOP.

There you have an update on how your GOP is taking care of our country. If you are a supporter of them you must be damned proud of all they have accomplished over these past three years. We have an opportunity to fix this by voting these turds out of office at all levels of government in November and finally, killing the Trumplican Party once and for all.

As you know I have sworn off social media so I would welcome you sharing this blog with anyone you know.

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