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GOP Voters Need Professional Help

Here you go Republican voters, a mug shot collection of your political leaders and minions. You all must be very proud of the character of the people you continue to turn out in your party. Never in the 247 year history of our country has a current or past President been indicted once, let alone four times.

What continues to stun me is the insane loyalty you dopes continue to show this guy who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire in front of his car. In fact he would likely run you down because you were in his way and then sue you for getting blood on his car. That is the quality of the man you adore.

And to show just how stupid you all are, here are some polls to prove it.

*How much proof do you need still to admit he lost in 2020? Are you ignorant or brain dead? *You support his legal fights, you know the one where he tried to overthrow our country.

*It is nice you like him personally because you will never meet him and if you get within fifty feet of him he will have you shot.

*It makes sense that the reason you want to vote for him is because he makes liberals angry, not that he wants to improve our country or do anything good for the country, just that he make liberals angry. Fucking dopes.

So a guy that took secret documents when he shouldn't have, showed them to any swinging dick near by, and put the lives of our intelligence people in mortal danger is still the guy you want to run the country? I take my previous question back, you are brain dead. No, that insults people who are. You are clearly a moronic bunch of losers.

If you and the rest of your demented cult want to idolize this buffoon then go to some remote island and suck his dick if that makes you happy. Just don't stay here and vote because you are not qualified for that, in fact you are not qualified to walk outside by yourself.

Am I getting any of this through your thick stupid skulls yet?

More than half of the country hates this clown yet two thirds of you Republican morons think he is the cat's pajama's.

Want more proof of how out of touch with reality you are. Only a majority of you think he should run for President, nobody else does. Does that even make you slightly say to yourself, huh?

Of course it doesn't because you are the stupidest people to ever walk this earth. Yes I'm talking to you. He is dangerous, stupid, demented, and about to be found guilty on multiple cases against him and yet you think, even if he is in jail, that he would be the guy to run our country. How does that not penetrate your pea brain as to how wrong that is? I'm beyond flabbergasted at your stupidity. I know I've never seen anything like it in my lifetime. Future generations are going to wonder why we didn't put all of you in a mental hospital.

In fairness to you I'm going to give you a warning today so that you can prepare in the future.

I will continue to post stories like this to point out how goddamn stupid you are as a semi human being. I hope it hurts your feelings enough to make you stop supporting this dictator wanna be and get back to earth one where we all would like to make sure our country continues to be free and open.

So that you understand what I've said here.

If you are a Trump supporter in particular, and a GOP supporter in general you are dangerous, stupid, and should immediately get some professional help to overcome your disease.

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