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On My Mind Today

There are a couple of news stories that have been on my mind for a few days and I just feel the need to get my thoughts on them out of my system today. I'm sure this will drag many of you down after my feel good story on Annika the other day, but I just can't hold it in any longer. As Cat Stevens once said, "I gotta let it out."

Let's start with a simple one. Can you guess what this building is? If you said the Capitol, you would only be partially correct. This is the place in America where the business of running our country goes to die.

Apparently, sometime when we weren't looking, our two political parties decided that in the best interest of America, they would no longer even attempt to fool us by passing tiny, stupid laws. Now they are spending all their time on making sure that neither party gets anything done.

They have a cute catchy name for it, "Bipartisan". It seems that it is the code word for, I will never work with you to help the people enjoy a better quality of life. In fact, I will do every thing in my power to make sure nothing gets done. The beautiful part of the plan is that both parties use the same format to hurt the other, which then, as you would expect, hurts us.

America! I can smell the hypocrisy from here. In 2022, when you hear a politician say, elect me because I will get things done, what he/she means is, elect me and I will make 100% sure the other party gets nothing accomplished.

Which brings me to another political football, the ongoing death march of the Delta Variant. We have lost over 600,000 Americans to Covid and yet, unbelievably, there are still millions of people who think this is all some Democratic Party plot to take over their schools and churches. Currently, six Republican led states are ground zero for this variant killing machine.

Coincidentally, all are states that refused to issue, and still refuse to issue, a mandate forcing people to wear a mask, and have gone out of their way to make sure it is impossible for anyone to get a vaccine without being shunned by neighbors and family. People are actually sneaking in to centers for a vaccine so nobody will see them. Nice huh?

The governor of Florida has decided that it is President Biden's fault that his state just had 1600 people admitted to a hospital system in South Florida with the virus. He will not let him tell his people how to stay alive if he can help it.

Just as nutty, the governor of Texas, who screws up everything he touches, has been railing against people trying to enter the country from his border as the leading cause of the variant killing Texans. Like the dope above, this also is not true, but it sounds better than saying, I messed up, come on in, and get a free shot.

The craziest of them all, is the governor of Missouri, who has so much stupidity flying around him I don't even know where to start. He is being helped by the state legislature as they spend zero time on getting people vaccinated, because they are too busy passing laws to make sure that no future governor, or legislature, can ever pass a law to help people through a pandemic.

That's right. They are passing laws making sure there will never be a mask mandate or vaccine process set up in Missouri. What a sensational use of time and energy. I can just see these yokels sitting around saying, "I'll be goddamned if I'm going to let anyone come in here and try to save our people from a pandemic. It is our right to die anytime we want to."

Speaking of governors, the recall Gov. Newsom effort is chugging along. State Republicans have been joined, by the national Republican Party, in getting a September recall election to oust the current governor. His offense? Doing what he needed to do to save lives during the height of the original pandemic in California.

It seems that at least two million people in the state were insulted, and had their lives ruined, because he made them wear a mask, close businesses and schools, and established multiple testing locations, in an effort to keep Californians alive. How dare him!

Now, because we are American and this is what we do, nobody in the state gives a crap about this election so it appears that he may get recalled due to lack of interest. This would be a tragedy for him and anyone living in the state. There needs to be some push by his campaign, and national Democrats, to get out the vote to support him.

It is beyond comprehension that he might get recalled, while other governors, like the ones mentioned above, and also serial groper Gov. Cuomo, keep their jobs. If you know anyone in California, please reach out to them and make sure they vote, and mail in their ballot, in September.

Finally, there is this lunatic. I refuse to mention his name because he doesn't deserve any publicity. His crime is that he used a machete to decapitate his girlfriend, in Shakopee, MN, on a city street, in broad daylight, because she wanted to break up with him.

It turns out that this wasn't even the most disgusting part of the episode. Some stranger watched him about to kill her and filmed it with his cell phone. He then posted it on social media and never called the police to try to help her.

What in the world is wrong with humanity? What kind of twisted values must you have to think it would be a good idea to film it, and post it, instead of rushing over to help save this poor woman's life? I'm not sure what makes me more sick to my stomach, the killing or the posting.

I hope both asswipes are locked up somewhere for the rest of their lives so they can never breed or be around the public again. This whole thing is beyond disturbing.

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