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Taking A Break

The time has come for me to take an extended break from social media once again.

I did this a few years ago when I decided I didn't like what and who I was becoming and it turned out social media was feeding my need for anger. I walked away from it all and frankly didn't really miss it. The only reason that I came back, in a limited way, was to promote my first book.

The Smartest Generation shown above on the left and then my second book, Homecoming above on the right. Both are still available on Amazon and they still make great gifts for any occasion. Once back on Facebook and Instagram I got caught up in the day to day world of family and friends and it was an easy way to stay in touch.

Unfortunately my bad side has made a return and the only way to stop it is to stay off social media. Over the past while I have managed to piss off family, neighbors, acquaintances, some longtime friends, and some very close friends because I am unable to stop myself from letting them know I disagree with their position, and even worse, think they are stupid for having that stance.

It is one of many character flaws I possess and while I've worked hard to eliminate several of them the sad fact is that there are some that I just can't stop. I lied to myself by telling myself that it is their problem if they can't take a little criticism and that they need to grow up if they are going to carry a grudge over something this small.

Truth be told I still feel that way a tiny bit but when Linda lambasted me at lunch today about my hating every little thing around me it gave me pause. Her frustration with me was not the first time she has told me to stop it but for some reason this time I knew she was right.

So, I will not apologize for how I feel about the various issues that have pissed off others, I still feel the same way about them. I will apologize for not being a bit more circumspect in pointing out my disfavor with others positions that aren't in line with mine. I keep telling them that I have the right to an opinion just as they do but I wasn't listening to my own statement. It's OK to disagree but there was no need for me to make it personal.

This will be my last post on Facebook. I will continue to write my blog and I will continue to do my weekly three minutes on The Breeze radio station but I will not be checking in on or participating with others via any social media going forward.

I will leave my Facebook page open until Friday for those that want to reach out and get my email or cell phone if they want to stay in touch. Just DM me and I will share both with you if we are already friends or family.

In parting I just want to remind everyone that this election cycle in November is easily the most important in our countries history over the past 100 years and it is critical that you get out and vote. I would hope you would vote to oust this version of the GOP but that is something you will have to live with if you think they are taking this country in the right direction.

It has been fun to see all the pictures of friends and their families and I am going to miss that I won't lie, but this is really the best thing for my long term mental health and to start rebuilding some relationships that I have hurt that are important to me.

If you think you can't live without knowing how I feel about things you can always sign up for my blog, it is free, at

Thanks and take care of yourself.

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