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Tell Me Lies Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Whether you love them, or hate them, you have to give the GOP their due. They are dogged in their pursuit of absolute power in this country. Frankly, if they were honest, and they almost never are, they would tell you that even they can't believe how easy it has been to corrupt the country and begin to regain control of things in politics.

Since Trump lost the election, and yes he still lost the election, this is what the Republican party has managed to accomplish so far.

*They raised a record amount of money for the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections for the primary and general elections.

*They have systematically chased out professional election judges, and boards, and installed pro Trump people in their places who have said they would overturn election results that are not in line with what the party will accept.

*They have lined up a slate of Trumplicans to primary against current Republicans who hold seats and voted against Trump.

*GOP led states have already set up, or are in the process of setting up, election laws that not only make it harder for young people, and people of color to vote, but they make it easier to make a mistake when voting so that they can claim voter fraud.

*All leading to their plan for the 2022 and 2024 elections to establish enough cases of questionable election mistakes that will prove their claims of widespread election fraud so they can overturn the election in their favor.

Sadly, Americans have proven that we are so stupid, that by the GOP, and Trump, repeating the same lies, over and over, we have finally started to believe they are true. Recent polls are showing that a growing number of Americans are now starting to believe that elections are not legitimate, and that democracy is overrated.

I never thought this could happen in my lifetime, hell I never even considered it as a possibility, that a majority of Americans would allow the insane rantings of one complete idiot change our country completely. Shame on everyone of you that is falling for the tripe this asshole is shouting.

In four years he has managed to turn us against each other, finish off the congress and their ability to actually govern, load up the courts with unqualified judges who blindly vote the way he wants, and most importantly, lay the groundwork for our country to become an authoritarian rule.

It is beyond anything I can understand how people have fallen for this nonsense like they have. Vladimir Putin is stunned that his plan actually worked. Make no mistake, this was a concentrated effort on the part of the Russian dictator to use his Trump secrets to guide the former idiot in chief to do what he wanted.

So for those of us still on earth one, who understand what we are seeing in front of us as the threat it is to our country, we now know what we need to do, and there is no time to waste. Our time, energy, and money needs to be spent on making sure that Democrats get out in record numbers in 2022, and 2024, to insure that the GOP does not gain the edge anywhere in the country. Not locally, not statewide, and not nationally.

This means that there is going to be a need to people to get out and knock on doors, get folks registered, get them to polling places, or to fill out mail in ballots where they can, and insure that Democrats regain, and retain, the majority across the country. A GOP win will be the beginning of the end for this country.

This is not hyperbole, this is fact. We are facing the possibility of the greatest system of government ever created being destroyed forever. If we let this happen, we will never be the same country ever again. The new Trumplican party must not be allowed to have the slightest hope of succeeding.

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