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While Trumplicans Burn Democracy, Democrats Do Nothing

Just when you think the new GOP/Trumplican Party can't get any more disgusting they go and prove you wrong. What makes it even more depressing is how the Democrats have no idea how to fight back.

Actually, that isn't quite true. It's not that they don't know how, it's that they don't know how, and they don't understand why they need to. They are still playing by the political rules of the 1950's and Trump, and his merry band of lying pieces of shit, are playing by the new 2016 rules. Keep lying until your followers believe you.

The Trumplican Party has a ten point plan for killing democracy and installing, a never imagined, autocratic government. The fact that they are religiously sticking to this plan is not only a testament to how much they believe in a new America, but how stupid their followers are in going along with this idiocy.

Here is their plan.

  1. Continue to promote the Big Lie about election fraud.

  2. Continue to deny that Covid is real and dangerous.

  3. Refuse to ever concede when you lose an election.

  4. Refuse to govern and focus on disrupting government.

  5. Attack any fellow Republicans who go against Trump.

  6. Threaten Democrats, election officials, and anyone who dares to question you.

  7. Deny the January 6th insurrection happened.

  8. Make voting harder and take the certification of elections out of the hands of officials.

  9. Use the remade conservative courts to fight your causes like abortion and voting rights.

  10. Continue to use the conservative media to distort the actual facts on things that might hurt you.

It is a brilliant plan on many levels and if I wasn't disgusted with their cause I would be envious of them.

It is a simple plan that is easy to follow for even the dumbest of politicians and believers. It keeps the opposition fighting on so many different fronts they can't cover everything, and you can win easily on so many things. By getting the conservative media involved it reinforces what you are spewing and makes it more believable to the grass roots.

Right now there are at least a dozen different battles, and misdirection's, going on that, on their own, are so ridiculous that you can't help but wonder how anyone can believe what is happening.

Anytime a Trumplican loses an election the leadership screams "election fraud" and insists there needs to be a deep dive into each vote to find the fraud. At the same time they gather the dopes who believe their crap and get them to start a campaign of threats, and intimidation, of election officials, hoping to get them to resign so they can put their followers in place to overturn the elections.

Because the DOJ, and the police, and the FBI, are doing nothing to go after these losers, they are empowered to continue to threaten and intimidate with no recriminations. Hello Merrick Garland, are you in there?

The Trumplicans have decided that it is a far worse thing to vote for anything the Democrats want than it is to threaten the life of another congressperson. The six brave Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill are being threatened with losing their committee positions, meanwhile Paul Gosar, the crazy person Republican from Arizona, posted a meme of him killing Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and we get crickets from the House GOP leadership. Seriously?

These clowns still have a guy in the DOJ who is looking into Trumps collusion with Russia, in 2016, and trying to find somebody to prosecute in the hope that people will believe it was a Hillary Clinton plot to discredit Trump. It is so ridiculous that you wonder how he is still allowed to be doing this. Hello? Merrick Garland are you still working?

As of Monday morning there have been over 775,000 Americans who have died from the Covid virus. Trumplicans continue to deny that Covid is even a real thing, and they are fighting vigorously in courts to stop mandates for vaccines, and mask wearing. How stupid are you all that believe this to be true?

There has never been any widespread election fraud in the history of this country. The Trumplicans have been trying for over a year to find something, anything, to prove there was, and they still haven't been able to find anything. You know why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO ELECTION FRAUD YOU MORONS.

Don't even get me started on the conservative media's nonstop efforts to paint Biden as sick, demented, senile, etc., and yet they were outraged at anyone who dared to point out that Trump was a liar, criminal, and con artist. Slight double standard?

It is increasingly frustrating for those of us who actually follow the facts, here on earth one, while the Trumplicans are playing make believe over on earth two. The hourly lies, mischaracterizations, and denials of facts, is exhausting and tedious.

It is increasingly clear that Trumplicans are never going to come back to reality, and arguing with them is a waste of time. Instead, we truthers need to adopt our own position. We need to point out to them that they are stupid every time they spew one of their absurdities. If we tell them they are stupid enough times maybe they will get it eventually.

This sums them up better than anything else I can say.

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