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Zobrist to Begin Rehab Assignment

According to Jesse Rogers at Ben Zobrist is going to begin a rehab assignment shortly in hopes of returning in time for the final push towards a pennant.

As you know, Zobrist has been out on the restricted list for personal reasons for some time since he announced he was getting a divorce. While I'm happy to see he has finally decided to move on with his life, I can't help but continue to be disappointed in his decision to walk away from the team for this extended period of time.

Most of us have plenty of stuff thrown in our paths as we move through life, and some of us have even had the unfortunate circumstance of going through a divorce, yet none of us walked out on our jobs, coworkers, friends, teammates, to take months to pull ourselves together enough to get back to work.

I don't mean to be cruel or disrespectful to Zobrist who by all accounts is a wonderful guy, but how can he look his teammates in the eye when he gets back and ask them to accept him back with open arms? Walking out on brothers in arms is about the only thing you can do to lose the respect of others in the clubhouse.

I think the Cubs should either politely tell Zobrist he is not welcome back at this time or package him as part of a trade to another team where he can start fresh. How can the Cubs know for certain if they put him back on the roster in time for the playoffs that he won't walk away again?

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