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Trade Deadline Primer - UPDATE

July 31st marks the new, single, trade deadline for major league baseball, unlike past years where if you screwed up in July, you could...

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Well that could not have gone any better. Sweeping the Pittsburgh Pirates this weekend was the perfect start to the second half for our...

A New Beginning

Players have filtered back to town after an extended all-star break of four days, hopefully refreshed, recharged, and ready to kick it...

The Marketing of Baseball

For the second year in a row MLB is in the middle of some nonsense regarding why there are no popular big name stars in their sport. Last...

Why Am I Here?

To be clear, I don't mean to ask the question in the biblical or scientific or theoretical sense as to "why am I here." I wanted to...

Who Replaces Joe Maddon?

Finally, the All-Star break. Players and fans are on fumes right now as the unofficial first half of the season comes to an end with the...


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