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And The Winners Are...

Today is the most exciting day of the year as it is opening day for Major League Baseball. Thirty teams all think they have a real chance to hoist this trophy at the seasons end. Twenty-nine of them will be wrong. However, there will now be six teams from each league that will make the playoffs and once in, anything can happen.

So, once again I am prepared to go where no man dares to go, I will predict the final standings, playoffs, and top three awards. Last year I was about as accurate as my dogs picking names from a hat. I think I'll be better this year.


AL Tampa Bay Chicago Houston

Toronto Minnesota Los Angeles

New York Detroit Seattle

Boston Cleveland Texas

Baltimore Kansas City Oakland

NL Philadelphia St. Louis Los Angeles

Atlanta Milwaukee San Diego

New York Cincinnati Colorado

Washington Pittsburgh San Francisco

Miami Chicago Arizona


AL Tampa #1 seed - Bye Chicago #2 seed - Bye

Los Angeles def. Seattle Houston def. Minnesota

Tampa def. Los Angeles Chicago def. Houston

Chicago def. Tampa

NL Los Angeles #1 seed - Bye Philadelphia #2 seed - Bye

Atlanta def. Milwaukee St. Louis def. San Diego

Los Angeles def. Atlanta Philadelphia def. St. Louis

Philadelphia def. Los Angeles

WS Chicago def. Philadelphia 4-2


AL Bobby Witt Jr. Mike Trout Shane Bieber

NL Seiya Suzuki Mookie Betts Walker Buehler

Remember this is only an exhibition, please, no wagering.

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